A few new products

The last month I happened to stumble upon two really great products that I thought I would share with everyone.

We bought a Soda Stream machine last summer and it’s really a great thing. We make our own syrups and really enjoy it. However, we weren’t fond of the existing syrups from the company. Mostly due to the fact that they had artificial sweetener in them along with sugar. (Don’t understand that… pure natural sugar and then fake stuff in the same mix? Huh?)

Well, they recently came out with a ALL sugar fruit spritzer type mix and wow, is it great! Lemon Lime and a Orange Pineapple… those are the two we tried. I loved them. The girls were not as fond of them because they are not super sweet, more like a half and half spitzer/pop. Not quite as non-sweet as say those flavored waters, but not a real pop like Sprite or something like that. They also have two other flavors… Apple Mango and Pink Grapefruit. I think we’ll give the pink grapefruit a try, but I’m not sure about the apple-mango. Maybe… but the orange-pineapple is SUPER GOOD. They are called Sparkling Naturals.

They are GOOD… and if you’re looking for a pre-made mix that is all sugar based, not artificial sweetener tainted, then try out Soda-Stream’s new mixes!


I saw these tall canning jars somewhere on the web and it took me a good long time to actually find them! And I did! They are Weck canning jars and they are SO beautiful! They have several different sizes and all, but what really attracted me was the tall asparagus jars. In the one liter size.

They are simply stunning looking, at least to me! I can SO picture tall skinny carrots or green beans, or what about pickle spears! Can you can green onions? That would be neat. I just thought they were so cool, and the way they seal with a rubber seal and a glass lid, they are just neat and different. I had to get a set of 6… and it was close to $30 for the set. Not too cheap for sure, they are not going to be lent out I don’t think… Still, cost aside, they just look so neat and I can’t wait to can something in them… something tall and fun!


Just a few little new things that really made my month!

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