My Week’s Work…

It’s ALMOST done… just a few little tweaks and last minute additions. I’ll probably have them done tonight. It’s been my project for at least half the week and all the weekend.

Jessy has taken her company and officially split it away from my Westvon Publishing. You see, we’re eventually going to be leaving the Westvon name behind because well, it was a company that I formed with a friend and former partner and is named after his children. It’s not quite suiting the rock and mineral business right, and to be honest, it’s not suiting me with my publishing and music directions either. So the first step was to establish Jessy with her own sole propriatorship, of her company, Dragon Mountain Treasures! Ta-Da!

After 2 months of waiting, she is official with her own credit card merchant account, shopping cart and websites. And we decided that to celebrate, we would totally revamp her main site and start up a companion site as well. And since the web stuff is what I do, I wanted to see her off on her new adventure with a decent site that will help her to succeed! And, well, we’re all done and ready for it’s debut on Monday morning.

But you all are getting a sneak peak!

We’ll be converting over her other site, as well, and will be running the same exact website.    You might wonder about the two odd URL domains, and that makes sense…  it’s an effort to capture some great keywords that people might search for to find rock and mineral kits for kids.    Many people will not search for her company name, Dragon Mountain Treasures.   But they will type various searches such as rock kits or minerals for kids, etc.   So, that helps for her to get more attention out there.  The internet is a very competitive marketplace!

She’s a chip off the old block for sure… working hard on her company for hours and hours a day.  It’s starting to get busy, we do about 1/3 of our years’s orders in the next 6 weeks or so.   I’m super proud of her, done with college, working on her company, starting her new photography business as well, and just being a super wonderful daughter!  Both of my darlings are wonderful and Maggie works just as hard helping out in the family “mines”, especially during the holiday rush!   Heck, our friends and neighbors help out during the holiday rush!!!  It gets crazy around here.

Well, now that this done, I think I can get back to some other client work and a few personal projects as well this week!  And I have some fun things in store as well…  including this…  can’t wait for Ron, our UPS man, to bring it to me!  I’ve been inspired to give home brewing a shot…  it was both reading about Jenna over at Cold Antler Farm and her adventures and then reading a great article in Urban Farm magazine and then a bunch of reading on the web….  I thought at once I’d like to try and make wine, but then I thought, heck no, I’m the Mobile Home Woman… and frankly, I’m just not really a wine drinker.   I like a cold brew now and then and I love to collect beer label art, so this is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time…  so I just finally said, the heck with it…. I’m gonna give it a whirl!   Moby Park Pale Ale is coming soon!

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