Fun Veggie Plant ID Thingys

I found these pictures and I totally forgot to write about them! So sorry!

The girls and I had fun in the summertime making some little plant ID tags for the garden! We got a little pack of Sculpty clay and started to make up some little plant signs for the garden. It was great fun, I always like playing with clay or Play dough, that kind of thing. It’s so fun and tactile, and we laughed a bunch while we were crafting.

We used our pasta machine because it is very good at making thin, uniform pieces of clay in which to build our little signs on.

These were a blast and so cute! We got a handful of old forks at the flea market. I think we paid 25 cents for each. Then we made little mini-versions of what we were planting! Radish and carrots, brocolli, and other goodies! And then you just stab them on the end of the fork and heat till hard. We used a little spray varnish to give them a little protection from the elements! They were SO cute… I just love the little carrot one!

It’s so much fun to just take a little time from your busy schedule and make stuff with your kids. Heck, make stuff with your friends, old and new! You don’t have to be some young whipper snapper to have fun rolling and pinching and making stuff. And the clay is really not expensive. We got a little assortment pack of primary colors and one with stone gray and other almost pastel colors to make little sign backgrounds for the primary color items.

The sign ones we used a Sharpy marker to draw in the indentations with after we baked them for the recommended times. And we used a little craft wire to hang them on the fences or on a little stick or twig for a pot. Super cute!

I think we spent less than $20 total, and used just homemade tools like pencils and knives to make marks and cut the clay into the shapes we wanted. It was a nice afternoon and we have some fun and whimsical garden decorations! And we still have over half our clay left to play around with another time!

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