Gypsy’s Doing Fine

A reader asked how Gypsy was doing. She’s been having some age related skin issues and we had to shave her down early in the summer and the poor old lady was having a rough time, and just looked miserable for the most part. We had tried various remedies and nothing much was working until we FINALLY found a shampoo that she is responding to.

She’s growing hair in most of the areas finally, and she is no longer scabbing and her skin being so rough and dry. She’s getting lots of special attention and she’s recently learned that she likes to lay on my bed! She’s never done before, always been leery of the heights, but now she’s rethinking that worry. Sleeping on the bed with her blanket is some goooood snoozing. I have to lift her up there, but she can still hop down if I don’t catch her when she wants down. Because of her short coat now and her age, she’s been getting chilly, but loves to be covered up with her blanket. I think I’m going to have to make her a little jacket for outside, because she lost most of her undercoat and I’ve read it can take up to a year to grown back, if it does at all. I’m thinking of making her a little fleece coat, almost like a little horse blanket to help her keep some heat in this winter. Because Gypsy LOVES the snow and cold!

But our vet and us as well, think she’s doing pretty well. She’s still getting around pretty good, and you can tell her spirits are up and she’s happy to be with us and part of the family and all. We’ve even caught her playing with the pup now and then, just a bit, and that’s always nice to see. They sleep together a lot and are definitely pals now. Evee would like more play and rough housing but Gypsy is not quite into that.

Here’s a little video from two winters ago… when she was still super crazy about snow and the cold. She looks sooooo fluffy to me!!! Oh, I hated to have to trim her back, I hope that she can grow her coat back. She’s working on it. Here’s my big baby… playing in the snow!

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