Playing with Uncle Dingo

Uncle Dingo came to visit on Monday.

Dingo is my kids’ other dog that lives with their Dad. At the time I moved to Michigan 4 years ago, I couldn’t have two dogs, so Dingy (as we like to call him) went to live with Steve and a couple kitties. He prefers that, he’s not much of a multiple dog house kinda dog. He’s a Texas Heeler, which is a mix of Australian Blue Heeler and Border Collie for the most part. He’s our pound puppy project and he came to live with us about 12 years ago. He’s probably about 13 or so, and doing pretty good healthwise, but he is kind of crabby at times and has a bad wheat allergy so you have to be very careful not to give him anything with wheat in it or you will know PRETTY QUICK that his tummy is upset… wheeeeewwwwww! Ewwwww… You can blame the dog on farts around Dingo because he can toot with the best of them. (haha)

All be said, Dingo is a very good boy and he’s excellent off leash, and in fact, he loves to walk himself. You just clip the leash on him and he’ll pick it up and trot off for a walk aside you, holding his own leash. It’s very funny. He likes being his own captain. He’s very obedient as well, I used to take him on errands and he would come along to the print shop and various places and everyone loved Dingo.

Well, his house was being bug-bombed and so he came over for the day and evening and hung out. He’s great with Gypsy, they are old pals. And he likes Evee, to a degree. They play, but she’s so fast for him, that mostly he just stands in the living room, wagging his tail and barking at her as she tries to grab his tail or get a nibble in on his snout. He thinks she’s pretty cool, and wants to play, but he’s just getting kind of old to keep up with a 7 month old pup! Eventually he gets weary of the game and goes and lays down, much to Evee’s disappointment. But they were playing pretty hard this morning, so I caught a few funny shots of the Pester Uncle Dingo game…

This is about at the point where he’s saying, “Can you please put her in her crate for awhile? I need a nap.”

Good old Dingy Boy…

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