New Sheet!

Well, one of my fitted sheets on my bed, it just wore from washing and using. I only have two, and that’s fine, one on the bed, one for changing so the other can be washed. Works out pretty good. And I lay the spare under the top mattress, so it’s ready for the bed and doesn’t take up space in my non-exsistant linen closet! (haha)

Problem is, it just got worn and was ready to be replaced. (And of course, cut up into pillow cases from the sides and such….) I looked at new ones, and they were pretty pricey for anything nice. The super cheap ones were not too bad, but they just didn’t seem very nice. So I got the idea of looking on Ebay. Well, there was a ton of sheets and sheet sets. Now I just wanted a fitted bottom, because I don’t use a top sheet, just a blanket and comforter. I always seem to loose a flat sheet in the bed at night and they are too chilly for me! Maybe that’s weird. But that’s me.

So I searched for fitted sheet queen, and I got a list, but one was really stand out. A fancy, fancy Calvin Klein sheet with super high thread count, Egyptian cotton, which is very very nice I might add. $12. Free Shipping. One little catch. It had a little slice where the over-zealousstock clerk had cut through the box it was in. Less than a inch and in an area on the side, not even on the flat part of the bed. Well, I checked and the sheet set was normally over $125! So I bought it, it arrived and within 5 minutes I had that little slice stitched and that beautiful sheet on my bed. It was wonderful to sleep on and I’m just tickled.

Don’t forget Ebay for your household needs. And don’t pass up a great deal just because it needs a few stitches or a wee bit of work. Keep your eye out and you can get some sweet deals.

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