Before and After Shelves

Okay… yeah. It was bugging me. I finally had gotten my two beautiful Ikea shelves and within a few months, I had totally junked them up! UGH! And to make matters worse, I was super busy and so I just didn’t have the time to go through them and make it right. It’s the only place in my home that I store LOTS of personal and crafty things… and I just messed it up.

So, last Saturday, I scheduled some time… the girls were gone to their Dad’s and I just said, today is the day. And I took everything off the shelves and dusted good and then sorted and pitched and re-organized them nicely. I ended up with three big bags of stuff for the Salvation Army and one big bag of just trash. Felt good.

And I report that one week later… they are still looking good and staying the way I like them.

It’s a hard thing… There are definately parts of me that would like to just ditch a TON of stuff in my life, and just read books and can stuff and do a little crafting and work, etc. Just a little. I’d love to have one of those teeny houses. But I don’t see that being feisable while I still have teenagers. Teenagers and young adults and moms, we need our space. It’s how we can all get along so nicely. (hahaha) We need a little elbow room and a little quiet space and all that. Our 800 square feet are really perfect. We could probably even do okay with about 600 sq feet because to be honest, we really don’t use our living room much. Gypsy does. She lays on the couch most the time these days. But without a TV and all, we just really don’t use the living room much, except on the rare occasion we get a visitor.

I’m trying to wrap my noodle around moving things a bit, and well, better utilizing the living room as a something else room, but I haven’t really wrapped my noodle around what it would be, yet.

I think eventually I will ditch the old worn couch and just get like two comfy visiting chairs. And make a little well, visiting nook. Maybe like a pair of SMALL loveseats, that I can have facing each other, with say my Grandma’s pretty table at one end of them. Or something like that.

And then use the rest of the room for work/kitchen space. Something like that. I dunno. Still thinking about that.

But in the meanwhile… I got my two shelves looking nice and orderly again.

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