Announcing our Newest Venture!

I just finished! The website is all finished… and everything is in place and we’re ready and waiting for the first order to come through! Yeah!

And what is this endeavor, you may ask?

Why Band Trading Cards! is now live and online!

A year ago, I designed a card for my band and once we got them, everyone really enjoyed them. People were so much more interested in them instead of just regular old business cards. People would laugh about it being our “rookie” card and could they sell them on Ebay and we were like, sure! How fun! And we had a lot of other musicians asking us where we got them!

Well, after umpteen hundred questions, it became apparent to me that I needed to offer these cards to other fellow musicians and bands. And it took a while to get all my information, rates, and plans together, but it’s finally all done! Yeah!

And we just don’t do band or music cards, only… heck no… we’ll do cool cards for your kid’s sports teams or your fun business promotions… how about a card for your pet! Or for your engagement announcement or how about for hobbies or military service people, or even for fire fighters or K9 officers in your town! Anything, we can make up a great fun collectible card for you! And you won’t pay a ton of cash to do it!

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