The Doggie Girls

Gypsy and Evee are getting a little more comfortable with each other. Every day, it’s a little better.

It doesn’t help that when Evee first came on the scene, Gypsy was really starting to hurt from her bad arthritic knees and that creepy skin problem. Just made for a grumpy old lady.

But I’m so happy to report that she’s doing a bit better. The glucosemine is really helping her overall joint issues, you can tell. She’s moving a little better now. Still like a 98 year old gal, but hey, she can still get on the couch and up and down the stairs, so that’s something.

And it took a while but we have found a shampoo and a spray that is working on her skin issue and I’m glad to report she is growing back her hair in the bad spots!!! Yeah! Her face and ears and feet are still a little scabby, but every day is better. Most of the areas on her body are now clean skin and growing hair.

Took her to the vet last week and we got the good news that we think we’re turning a corner on the skin issues. Still a little concerned as to WHY they are issues in the first place, and unfortunately, it’s probably systemic, meaning that her systems are weakening and well, with her advanced age, that is just something we have to deal with. She’s already 3 years, almost 4 years now, past her breed’s average of 10 years! She’ll be 14 in February. She’s a credit to her fine breeder and she’s been a super healthy girl up until the last 6 months or so.

I’m just glad that she’s around to train Evee how to be even half as great a dog as Gypsy is. And I love to see them bonding and trusting each other. It’s so cute to hear them when we leave the house, they both start howling this sad and mournful wolf dog howl… first it’s Gypsy and then a moment later you hear little Evee strike up the chorus! It’s rare that we all leave at the same time, so it’s always cute to hear them protest being left behind!!!

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The Doggie Girls — 2 Comments

  1. Did you know that mixed breeds of dogs are more likely to be healthy dogs? Dog breeders will often times overbreed their dogs to the the detriment of the puppies’ health, although it does not sound as this is the case.

    Also, about 25% of dogs in shelters are purebreds. It is also usually less expensive than buying a dog and is better for the shelter dogs-just a frugal tip for anyone else looking for a dog!

    I spend most of my free time volunteering for a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, and it just pains me to hear about purchased dogs!

  2. I certainly feel for all of the pets that need homes, but I don’t believe that just because there are stray animals that responsible people can not breed, show and raise purebred dogs. I’ve had dogs all my life, both mixed breed and mutts and also purebreds and frankly, they’ve all lead good healthy lives. I have enjoyed showing Gypsy when she was young and chose her breeder very carefully. Pat Johnson was one of the finest Belgian breeders around, and it shows, all her dogs are in fine health and have very long lives. I had a pound puppy that cost me a ton of money because he was sick and ill cared for, abused and has had life long issues. I spent far far more money on him then I ever did with my purebred dog.

    And around here, a dog from the shelter is expensive, at least $200 or more. (Which I can never understand, if they want to find good solid homes for them, then it should be more reasonable, to help place more animals.) I know that people get all whacked on both sides of the fence over this whole issue, but well, I feel that people should have the choice, to choose their animal stock and pets without guilt and shame.

    And we’ve done our share as well of volunteer work as well as ran a very successful shelter for homeless pocket pets… in fact my daughter won the U.S. Humane Society’s 2002 Kid of the Year award for her work and was featured in National Geographic Kids magazine and on Paul Harvey’s radio show as well as all sorts of great attention for the lack of good care for mistreated critters.

    Overall, our whole society needs a lesson in how to treat pets well… mixed or purebred… and I refuse to believe that there is only one answer to the problem of overbreeding and other issues. Choose your breeder with the upmost care, I did. And I was rewarded with a simply wonderful friend and adored member of our family.

    Our new pup is purebred as well, and because my daughter wanted a certain type of dog and she wants to do agility and obedience with her pup, and is considering therapy dog work with her. She’s a pet photographer and loves animals. All dogs end up being purchased for the most part, unless you get one from a neighbor who’s got mistake puppies. And of course, is making the problem worse.

    Of course, this is just opinion and I’m glad to hear yours, too. Just wanted to explain my thoughts on the matter. :-)