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The girls are each making a bandana quilt for their beds and so we had ordered a batch of bandanas on eBay a while back. Well, they picked out the ones that they wanted to use and I even got 8 to make a little lap blanket one, but we still had a handful of them left. I decided to try and make a little easy tote bag from a bandana.

I will admit, this pale yellow bandana pair is not my favorite color or look. But I was experiementing, so it was the first to go under the needle!

First thing, I cut a strip off the top of each of the two bandanas. I used the outside edge of the design in the square as a guide.

Then I hemmed that cut edge, folding it over a 1/4 of an inch, top stitching that, and then folding it over another 1/4 inch to make a nice simple sealed hem.

Then putting the nicer sides together, I just stitched around the other 3 edges, leaving the hemmed edges open. Now it’s a bag!

I just folded the two strips, good sides together and stitched to make a tube. Turned it right side out and then stitched it to the bag, on the hemmed sides. I made the area that I attached the handle to the bag about an inch or so and stitched the whole square area to make sure it was sturdy.

Now, you don’t have to do this, because it’s a bag and ready to go, but I like to stitch a little corner gusset in my totes, to make them stand up a bit. It’s really simple.

Just turn the back inside out, and then grab the bottom corner and flatten out a bit. Sew across that corner and double stitch for strength. I clip the excess off, but you don’t have to.

And then… Poof! You have a cool, hip bandana bag! Only takes two bandanas!

I was thinking that you could make a tall one if you used only one bandana and folded it sideways. It would be great for toting a bottle of wine or pop or just a tall skinny smaller bag for just about anything! One bandana is cheap, you can get them for a dollar just about anywhere! And it’s just a fun little project. I’ll bet it would be a great first sewing project for kids!

By the way.. we got package of 16 bandanas of all colors on ebay… it was like $22 bucks total, including shipping. Lots of fun bandanas! We’re working on quilts… but they are great for pillows and other fun projects!

Ebay Bandana Collection….

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