Tea Syrup


If you are a iced tea drinker, like I am, you loved fresh brewed ice tea but you can go through a pitcher in a day! And then you forget to make more and end up drinking pop instead!

Well my friend Tim reminded me about making tea syrup! I used to do this and then got away from it. It’s a great way to extend your tea and not have to make it every single day.

Just warm up a pot of water, I used my 3 quart saucepan, filled with about 2 quarts or a bit more of water. Add three large teabags to the boiling water and turn off the heat and let steep for a good hour or so.

Remove the bags, warm up the water a bit and add sugar. I add about a cup to a cup and half of sugar, stirring and incorporating the sugar into the warm water. I don’t actually boil, just warm it a bit to make sure the sugar dissolves good. Let cool. Pop in a a pitcher or a couple quart jars and chill in the frig.

When you want a nice iced tea, fill a big glass with ice, add about 1/3 a glass with your tea syrup and top off with cold water. Give a little stir and enjoy!

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