A sign for Fran


Fran and Wes live around the corner and down the street from me.

They bought a lovely little 5 acre homestead and I’m so jealous.

I have Barnheart very bad and I so want my own little homestead with chickens and an orchard and woods and a big garden and flower beds and just room to do whatever we want. Shade trees and just a cute little house, room for a few sheep and a goat or two, and maybe even a steer and pig to fatten up each year. Lawn for the dogs and a place for my work yurt.

Yeah… perfection.

Well last time I was there, Fran had hung out her egg biz sign and well, it was a good sign, but a little on the small size. I thought as I pulled away, content from visiting the hens and our order of eggs safe in the back seat, that she needed a nice big old colorful sign. And well, if I can’t hang out my own shingle… I might as well paint up one for Fran and Wes!


I had in my mind’s eye the perfect sign… something bright but not tooooo crazy, but something that might catch the eye of the passerby. Yellow… and purple and maybe some white and red… yeah…. and I could see the type across the top, I’m into type.

So piece of board in hand and some paints ready, I started it last week. Probably should have painted the background first, but I wasn’t quite into my sign groove until I had already done up the lettering, so I just painted around it all.

I debated with myself for a few hours over what kind of hen to adorn the sign, but in the end, I decide that a good old white hen would stand out best and folks from the road would quickly see it was a chicken. If I had spent all that type working on some fancy or rare breed, it would be lost on about 95% of those seeing it anyway. So a happy dancing white hen it was!

Even sprayed it with a couple coats of gloss finish to help keep it around for awhile. I know it will eventually fade away and all, but it might last a while. I hope so, everyone that’s seen it thinks it’s cute. Fran liked it too!


Well, we gave a call and she was home so off we dashed to get some eggs, visit some chicks and spend a little visiting time. Jessy and Maggie came along and Jessy took over the photography for me… even with my camera she can capture stuff that I just don’t get. She took some cool pictures!!! We ended up walking around the place and went way in the back and it was just lovely… checking out the plants and trees and just enjoying the first sunshine of a good few days!!!
We brought our bag of bread rinds for them and a few odds and ends that the girls just love. And it was a lovely visit… Fran had some little butterfly weed plants in a little pot for me! How cool… can’t wait to find a sweet little place for them.

It’s sure nice to have someone so close that we can go and visit and get a little taste of what we’d like someday! They lived in a moby like us for 14 years before going to the 5 acres… we can do it too! So many opportunities and everything in due time!



By the way….  does anyone know what kind of bush this is?  We think it’s some sort of honeysuckle…  as there are wild honeysuckle on the land but they are all purple and look a bit different.  There are three large bushes like this and they look a bit different…. anyone know?  Fran would love to know what they are!

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A sign for Fran — 4 Comments

  1. That’s a lovely looking sign.

    What’s the scale of the flowers? If you were thinking honeysuckle, I’m guessing it has a scent. Maybe a jasmine? We have a night scented jasmine that has yellow flowers shaped like those, but they are very small flowers. Do you have a very good garden centre nearby? One that has horticulturists on staff? Take some of the plant to them – flower & leaf – they might be able to id it for you.