Bluegrass Saturday Night…

Last night I got to go and see Don Rigsby and the Midnight Call, one of my favorite bands, play at a little old barn in the middle of nowhere, Ohio. It’s the best way to experience bluegrass if you ask me. Surrounded by lots of awesome folks, hugging and talking and eating good homemade chicken and dumplins and being close up and friendly with the band. I almost didn’t go… I will admit it. I thought about just staying home and all that stuff. I do that sometimes, because I’m not one to go to these things by myself. Yeah, I’m weird like that. It’s not that I won’t, it’s just that if I gotta drive an hour or so and all, to get there, I would rather go with a friend and enjoy the whole evening together.


So when Tim was over Friday helping us with rocks and CDs for the business, and he said he wanted to go… well, I had my companion for the evening! Yah! And I’m so glad that I went! This video here is from my request!!! He said, sure and kicked it off. Working on a building is one of my favorite songs he does…

I’m going to make sure I get to more bluegrass events that I’m not playing at, more often… because this was a fun evening and I really enjoyed myself….

And just to prove that I LOVE this song…. here we are doing it…. can you tell which national artist influenced our version???? Of course, I’d love to be able to hold the high notes like Don does, but hey, I’m working on it…. It’s hard!

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