Mobile Homes and Solar Power?


Well, I’ve got it in my mind that a mobile home roof would be a perfect place for a couple of solar panels! And I can’t find anyone talking about it anywhere. What is the deal with people and the stigma of mobile homes? Like no one would ever think of investing the money into a simple solar system to say, maybe power lights, some appliances? Computer? TV?

Our electric bill is super cheap. About oh, $50 a month. But what that tells me is that we don’t draw that much electricity and it would be easy to replace it or cut it back with just a few panels. Besides, I think it’s super fascinating in a geeky way.

I understand how it works, sort of. Sun hits the panel, it’s converted to energy that is stored into a battery, which is then used from the battery through some sort of inverter that makes it clean to use for some sort of device.

Sounds pretty simple.

Seems like it gets a little more complicated when you start to tie into the grid and all that stuff.

I think I’m going to keep doing a little research and learn more. I ordered a little solar bug kit for me and Maggie to play with. She’s my mechanically inclined kid and into science and such. I think it might be a cool summer project for us to mess around. For some reason, we can’t get electricity to work in our bathroom. I think it might be cool to figure out how to rig up a solar light for in there, at night time. Something simple, with a darkness meter like those little garden lights, and powerful enough to run a decent little light at night.

Well, always learning… it’s actually pretty nifty to try and learn a little something new and then apply it realistically. And in the end, it might even save a little cash!

Anyone have any suggestions for cheap DIY solar?

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