Goodbye my Friend…


One of my most favorite bluegrass buddies passed away today, this morning at 7 am.

I found out this afternoon, and I didn’t even know he was ill. It’s so dreadfully sad. I can’t believe it.

I just saw him a few weeks ago, at an Opry, he was having some troubles, said it was his diabetes acting up, but it was cancer. Now, I’m wishing we had more time. I wish I had known. It was shock and surprise to many of us.

He was one of the nicest fellers you could ever meet. Always had a smile on his face and I never once heard a sour word from him, or gossip, and he always had a hug for me and bought me beers. We spent many an evening watching a bluegrass show at the Eagles or at a Marvfest, or any local show. He got to the Opry often and always made it if our band was playing.

Last time we played, in January, he was there and he was so proud of us. Told me half a dozen times how good we sounded and how he enjoyed my singing. Him and his buddy Irv drove 60 miles one way to see us the very first time that Jeff and I played with our first band, at the Coonhunters up in Michigan. And he told us that we were “barely tolerable!” HAHA…. after a few months of hard work and practice, he came back and said that he believed we had improved to “more than tolerable” and we have laughed about that for years. I wanted to write that on our website… Bluegrass music that was more than tolerable!

Davy Crockett was his name and he came from the south, and loved bluegrass, picked his old guitar, and was at every jam he could make and every show he could afford. He was a gentleman, and a real sweetie and I just can’t believe that he’s gone and I’ll never see him again. At least not here. It’s going to be a tough week.

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Goodbye my Friend… — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks guys… today’s a little better but it was rough last night, just the whole suddenness of it all. It has filled me with a lot of what ifs and regrets! But I really want to focus on the good memories. He wouldn’t want me all sad and fussing over him, he always wanted to hear about all the good things and the music.

    I just remembered today, that when I was searching for my moby, I had told him about it. And the next time I saw him, Davey had clipped out several little teeny classifieds of mobys for sale in his neighborhood and had saved them in his wallet for me!

    It was so sweet. I wish I had been his neighbor. I had already bought my moby here or I would have!

    I am going to miss him so much.