First Major Spring Chore



Yes, Tim and Ryan helped us to clean out the shed and get it in better shape and organization. It was a chore. Unfortunately, it was raining the day that we moved in the shed stuff and so we pretty much just stashed it all in there quickly, without any real thought. And over the last two years, it’s gotten much worse, than better. It was on my list as a kickoff to the spring cleaning season!

It took a better part of two hours to empty it all out and start sorting. It’s always amazing just how much junk you can shove into a contained space! Amazing. When it was all dragged out and looked over, we started to make some distinct piles. Pure junk, stuff to recycle, stuff to gift, and stuff to keep.

We decided it was okay to set up the hammock. We might have a few cold days left, and some that are going to be rainy, but I think the hammock can deal with it. Besides, we’ve all been out there enjoying a swing and some hammock meditation time already, so it’s good for the soul.


Tim and Ryan scrap so they sorted out a few good choice items that would help their cause. Like an extra van seat that I forgot to put in the van when I sold it. (Sorry! It was nasty, that’s why we removed it….) And a aluminum screen door that I thought might fit my other door, but doesn’t. I got it last one night by the side of a dumpster. It was from a remodel and was in ok shape. And a few odds and ends.

The rest of the trash and junk we took down to our park’s big dumpsters. I really appreciate that they have these pair of large dumpsters. So many people remodel and change over their mobies that they decided it was better than having piles in their yards and such. It’s a nice perk to living here. When you have a project or just too much trash for the week, you can drive it down there and be done with it.


In the end, we got a nice and neatly organized shed. Found all the tools and got them into the tool boxes. Used some extra wood to make a nice little garden bench/work bench in there. Stashed the holiday stuff in the loft and added some shelving that we had saved from the old stock shelf inside the moby.

It just looks SO lovely! It needed a man touch, that is for sure. We ladies had sorely ignored the shed and it was such a problem. Now it’s all neat and tidy and everything has a place. I’m sure we’ll do well with keeping it that way, we’re so pleased with it now. Maggie is pretty much our Trash Captain in the house, she doesn’t mind being in charge of it and she was quick to take procession of the shed and declare that Jessy and I were not to mess it up. HAHA…. well, sounds good to me.

I felt so good after the shed cleanup, that I grabbed an empty trash can (one that we discovered hiding in the back space of the shed) and I filled it up with leaves and dead stalks of flowers and such! Flower beds look all nice and tidy now! Ready for some nice mulch and all the spring bulbs to bloom up and around the Moby! Another week or two and we’re going to have some super nice photos of the place!

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First Major Spring Chore — 1 Comment

  1. Nice! I did some of my own spring cleaning yesterday. I was a nice productive garden this year so that means all the junk needs to get kicked out of the garden.