Never tired of them…


I never tire of seeing beautiful crocus.

I love to see them live, and I love to see beautiful photographs of them. Especially ones in my yard. This year, they have been simply stunning.

Dark purple stripes and such vibrant yellows. And they are popping up all over the little yard, from our two years of plantings. Last fall we planted about 200 more bulbs all over the yard. Maybe 300. I can’t remember now. It was a lot. Making the total at least 600 or more. Just all over the place.

I know some didn’t make it, because a few pesky squirrels figured out what we were doing and dug a few little holes here and there to raid our little sleeping beauties. But I figure that with mere numbers, we are overwhelming the little critters and it’s apparent. There are tips and sprouts ALL over the place! It’s like an Easter egg hunt for the girls and I. We take long routes to the cars to go anywhere… just walking around and looking for the little tips poking out of the beds and the various spots we parked these little spring heralds. We just love spring flowers.


Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m very excited to see a lot of my 75% off perennials starting to grow! That delights me to know end, because they are bought for next to nothing AND they will give me color and joy for years to come! But it’s the spring flowers and the lilacs that really get me going. I just love them.

I imagine we’ll be planting more and more for the coming years. I want to plant a bunch this year under our lilac bushes in the back. And over in the side lots in various places. I want Miss Bea to get a rush of color next spring on the south side of the moby. And I want Rachel and Brian to have something pretty to look out their south side windows.

My three new little lilacs are all budding super nice and full. I think I’ll have some nice blooms this year for sure. And all the apples are budding well, except one. It’s budding, but it’s very light. It was the smallest tree and just didn’t thrive last year. It’s not dead though, so with a little extra TLC this year, I think it will do well. I have three little shrubs in the front that are going to be moving somewhere else… they have various dead spots and are well, just kind of ugly. I’m not sure what happened to them, but they are going to replaced with small redbud trees because I just love redbuds. Perhaps even next week as I saw some lovely ones at the Lowes around the corner on sale.

Oh, it’s so nice… spring!!! I’ve been waiting a long time this year. Usually, I don’t mind winter, in fact, I like the break and the good excuse to stay home and cuddle up with knitting and books, but this year, I have been super ready to get going on the growing and all the new Moby plans! Hope you all will enjoy the ride!

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Never tired of them… — 2 Comments

  1. The new flowers are beautiful. The second picture could be a greeting card or a framed picture.

  2. How pretty! We are having a very, VERY late spring here in the deep south! Normally by now, all the azaleas and dogwoods have already bloomed, but – nothing yet, just a few buds. And normally I’ve stopped wearing pantyhose to the office by now, but it’s not warm enough yet :(