Beautiful Cold Frames are Here!


The last month or so, Tim’s been building me a pair of cold frames to go on the flanks of my little shed. I wanted a pair to be able to set out seedlings a month early or so, and then to use as raised beds during the summer and then to start cold weather stuff like lettuce, spinach, broccoli and the sorts in the last summer to see how long we could be eating our own through the winter months.

And they arrived today!!! Thanks to Ryan and his Sprinter van!!!


They are just beautiful. Tim really outdid himself! They are all nice and just perfectly custom. They fit the space perfectly. And they are simple and elegant, and will really extend my growing season considerably.


Just enough tilt in them to grab a ton of sunlight. Just in a few hours they had warmed up the air inside them considerably. It was nice and toasty. I’m going to have to get a pair of thermometers to watch and see how hot it gets in there. I know that plants love it warm but I don’t want to scorch the little dudes either!


I’m not sure if I want to paint them the color of the shed, or stain and seal them with a wood color like the beds and compost bin. I am leaning towards the stain and seal to be honest. It’s very pretty on the compost bin and all. And I have two cans of it! That would be cheaper, and actually would bring out the nice wood look of them. They are just beautiful!!


The four windows that I got at the ReStore place are great. They can slide up a bit to let a little of the heat out if it’s too hot in there and I can just remove them completely when we’re doing with the need for a hot space and store them in the shed to keep them safer. Totally adjustable for whatever I need.


Of course, Jack and Luna were VERY interested in the cold frames and it wasn’t long before I had to shoo them away. I believe Luna was considering it a perfect feline sun porch on those chilly days that she’d like to lay in the sun but the ground is a little too cold. I could probably lock them both inside and add a little food and water and they would just lay in them for hours soaking up the warmth! HAHA… goof balls.

Well, I put a couple little window boxes of dirt in one, and I’m thinking some lettuce seeds would be fun to grow in them right away. This weekend I am going to get my real seed trays going, and hopefully keep them away from any woozels. Not sure if I’m going to leave them in the cold frames over night yet. I’ll probably bring them in at night for another week or so. But daytime in the frames will really give them a nice start to lift, I’m sure!

THANK YOU TIM!!!! Can’t wait for the next building phase to really get into full steam ahead here at the Moby Farm!!!! I got such plans!

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  1. I have to tell you when the pictures came up I thought “WOW”! These look like furniture quality, it’s almost a shame to leave them outside. Tim REALLY outdid himself – amazing! I hope they work out great for you.