A Special Day


We packed a lunch.

Grabbed our cameras and got in the car and drove off for a fun afternoon away from the Moby.

We went to Deshler, Ohio. Home of a bunch of train traffic. We like trains.

It was cheap and fun. And I got to play with my new camera, and that was a blast. And to be outside in the near-spring air and overcast, almost sunny, nearly springlike outdoors was wonderful.

Deshler, as it is told, has some of the highest concentrations of train traffic in one little area. It’s a big CSX line crossroads and there are tracks all over the place. In Deshler, I believe that telling your boss you were late in the morning because of a train, is something that they believe. I think it’s a way of life there. I’ve never seen so many crossing gates and those big flashing lights and all that.

I read on the internet that at some point, a train jumped the tracks there and slammed into the side of the old depot. Right into the wall! That must have been a bit of a fright. Apparently they never fixed it, just boarded it up. Apparently it happened in 2002 and the train derailed, and some of the cars slammed into the old depot.

That fresh in my mind of course, we had to get some video of a train going by us very close. We were sitting on a big pile of rocks about 10 feet from the tracks. I have to tell you, it was a little frightening at first, but then it was thrilling. The wind from the cars was blowing us around and Jessy said our hair was all silly. I could hardly hear, Maggie and I just sat together and watched the big beast go by. Thank goodness, that was a short one.

Well, enjoy a few pictures that I snapped with the new camera… it’s just a bunch of trains and various shots at the Crossroads Park, while waiting for more trains!

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