Last Day of February

Well, it’s the last day of February and it’s finally sunny out. Not constant, but enough that I bundled up and went out to shovel and chip at the yucky icy snow. Of course, Gypsy came with me and Jack, too. Gypsy is such a goof in the snow, and hard to shovel with because she has to catch every shovelful and often gets conked in the head if you’re not careful. She loves the snow, it’s her favorite thing in the world. I think she was a husky in a past life.

Still cold, but the sunshine did me good. The last couple weeks it’s been so dark and overcast most of the time, we have all been in hibernation mode it seems. Just wanting to hang out, sleep in, read books and knit. Stay warm. Just do as little as possible to get by in life. I hate that, but yet, I think I know why it happens. It is a sort of build up time, a time to relax and get good and rested for the spring. It’s right around the corner. Soon, we’ll be building and toting dirt and compost and cleaning up the yard and just generally being outside a good deal. If we lived in a moderate climate all year round, I don’t think we’d appreciate the calendar seasons as much. I normally don’t mind winter, but this time around, it just seems like it’s been really long. I think that’s because I’ve found my joy in gardening again and this year I plan to really enjoy it. Can’t wait to get the hammock out and ready. You know that’s going to be my first yard installation as soon as it’s just barely warm enough out!


Heck, we couldn’t even get the car in the parking spot because when we were at the Opry, the snow plow guy came and plowed in the spot! But since we don’t share with anyone, it’s fine, we can wait till some of it melts off.

I know that we can use the extra water in the ground water system, that is certain. Toledo has been a bit on the dry side, like many places and extra snow will contribute to raising some of the ground water levels and get ponds and streams up a bit. That’s good. And it will be nice to have our baby orchard all flush with water and ready to really go to town this year.

My indoor garden is about a 50-50 success. The peas are doing great. Spinach, hanging in there. Lettuce and other stuff, doing poorly. I was able to transplant two corn seedlings and four Boston picklers to larger containers… we’ll see how they fare. It’s definitely a light issue, we just had no sun for weeks! I won’t be starting any of my good seed for another 3 weeks, because I want to be able to set the plants out in the cold frames during the day and well, it just needs to be a little warmer for that.

Oh yeah, and I need cold frames first! haha… We’re working on it.

Well, my goal is to keep busy and get some graphic arts projects done in the next month, clean up my to-do cards so that I have as little to interfere with taking some down time to enjoy the spring when it rolls around, eventually. I know I have a good 30 days or so, and I have 15 cards in my deck. So I have to get one every two days finished. I’m going to shoot for one a day, because knowing me, I’ll have to add a few through the month. Just happens, you know. One a day, that should be something I can accomplish. Especially when I know the payoff will be a vacation springtime!!!

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