Green Onions Always Ready!

I’ll admit it. I love onions. Green, yellow, sweet, red, shallot… you name it, I love them. I like cooking with them, I like them in salads, on hot dogs, you get the picture.

But I hated getting fresh green onions and then forgetting to use them, or just not using them fast enough. And they would get kind of icky.

Then I learned this WAY COOL thing…. freeze them!


So I got a dollars worth of them and tested it out. Chopped them up like I wanted them… and spread them on a cookie sheet to flash freeze.


If you’re not hip to flash freezing, don’t dispare! It just means to freeze them for a half hour or hour, laid out on a cookie sheet, not touching each other, if you can. The items individually freeze and then you can bag them up after and they don’t make big solid clumps.

I like to do this with cooked chicken, or fruit like strawberries and blueberries. That way when you just need a few, you can get them out and thaw them easily.


Once they were frozen, I just bagged them all in a ziplock and squeezed the excess air out and popped them in the freezer.

I will report that they thaw in about oh, 10 minutes max… and they are great in cooking and salads, and really good in Ramen noodle soup! Just pop a handful in!

Next summer I think I’m going to get my fresh green onions by the pound and chop up a whole years supply of these little babies! I think I will try sweet onions, chop them fine and flash freeze them. Then I’ll have them ready and easy to use in all my cooking! Sweeeet!

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