Driving Firsts


Awwww… it’s my big baby’s first time at a drive thru window with her new car!!!! How special!

(My kids are used to having a phototog mom that likes to carry her little digital around in the purse… always read to catch those special moments, like “do you want fries with that?” hahahhaa)

She has to learn maneuverability because her drivers test is next Thursday, so I want to make sure she’s ready to go. All the important things like driving while eating and fast food lane etiquette and how to change the station while driving and all that stuff we all take for granted and they just don’t teach at driver’s ed. Ahem.

She’s doing pretty good… she’s getting there. Of course, I wish she could have a year of coached driving, but well, gotta let them try it on their own soon enough. She’s got the whole driving the car down great, it’s just teaching her how to deal with the rest of the driving world out there…. speeders and sudden lane changers and lawbreakers and those that just act erratic and all without warning. She only thinks about 5 feet outside of the car. And I need to get her thinking 25 feet and further! She’ll get it. Now that she’s got her own baby to protect, she’s getting a little more defensive driving experience. She’ll be fine. She’s cautious and not a daredevil so I think it’s just added the hours of experience now to her skill and she’ll be good and safe out there.


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Driving Firsts — 1 Comment

  1. I wish her the best of luck on her test! I’ve been driving for a little over two months and am beginning to learn to eat and drive. A good diving test tip is put your turn signal on for EVERYTHING even the small stuff. I swear I earned brownie points for letting some in the shopping center cross the road.