Jack the Snake Hunter

We were working on winterizing the moby when all the sudden Jack come running over with a little garden snake that he caught! He was so proud of his capture. Being that he doesn’t have front claws, he rarely catches anything. Just bugs now and then. But he tries all the time.

Well, he finally got something. Of course, it was fine and playing dead. He just kept holding it down in the grass with his little powder puff feet… and all the while trying to figure out what to do with it, I think!

We took a little video, and he was very funny… Finally Maggie, the patron saint of the Moby homestead’s little critters, would not let us bother him anymore and she picked him up and walked him over to some little woods nearby. I was kinda surprised that she would pick it up, she’s always been a little weirded out by snakes.


Gypsy was pretty interested as well. But she really didn’t want to get too close. Maggie did a good job of holding him and letting our little friend go. I believe he will stay away from cats in the future!

Some day I hope that we can have a little more land and encourage more wildlife and all to visit. We love our birds and all the kitties, bugs and snakes and all. We have a possum that comes to visit as well as a couple squirrels and a raccoon (that Gypsy treed one night and kind of scared the heck out of me… long story! ) and numerous toads and bunnies. That will be wonderful… we’ll see how that comes along in this lifetime!

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