The Courtyard Fence!


Yes, I have been a little behind in posting to the blog.  Life just got in the way and I was thinking after 1,000’s of posts that everyone might be a little bored with the goings on at our little homestead!  After all, it’s been like 8 years now since we had been out of the moby!

But then, I got to thinking lately, I miss writing about the timeline of our little home.  I really started this blog for myself and the girls and our immediate family, who wanted to know about what we were up to.  I know Facebook has taken over for quick, easy up to the minute updates, but I missed documenting the whole story, the behind the scenes information that Facebook is just not that good for.

So, I am going to try and catch up through my stash of post ideas and pictures.  So we are going to start with the spring of LAST YEAR…  Yes, 2018!

And one of the first things to happen was a bad storm came through and WRECKED our courtyard fence!


A big gust broke the main post and the whole thing just collapsed!   Now, to be honest, it was kinda of old and nasty.  We had gotten the fence used about 8 years ago.  And the posts we used to hold it up were not treated with anything.  They just rotted away.  Thank goodness, all the animals were safely in their little areas so we had no escapees.


But it was a big problem…  We dragged out the fence sections that we could and had a piece of 16 foot long cattle panel, so we kind of hillbilly engineered a fence that held up most of the summer and into the winter.  However, it’s awful looking and we plan to really make it much nicer this spring!  I really like the look of this photo below!   It’s using some cattle panel wire fencing, but with a nice wood topper.  I love that!  We need something very sturdy at the bottom to keep the sheep and goats contained, but I like the way you can look through it nicely.  But I also love the wood part!  I think we are going to play around with this idea and see what we think!

The span is only about 25 feet, so we can afford to do something really clever and interesting, perhaps a little detailed.  I would like to incorporate some birdhouses along the space because I have seen that and thought it was adorable!   Maybe even a cat house with a little purrrr-ch for the farm kitties to sit and lounge on!

Off to Pinterest!!!!!   :-)

GARDEN-cattle panel courtyard fence idea

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