We have a CLOSET!


Apparently, back in the 1910s, people didn’t like closets or really didn’t make them in their homes.  Because our 100 year old farmhouse has no closets.  Well, we do have one sort of closet in a spare room but it was clearly added on.  But no closets anywhere else.  We have made closets from cabinets and we scored another one a bit ago from a salvage yard!  For only $40…  solid wood, came from a elementary school.


We had an idea to put it in our kitchen nook to serve as a place for all our winter gear and also some homesteading and farm related stuff.  Like animal care things and medicines, that sort of thing.  However, we did have a little issue… it was TOO TALL to set straight up!  We ended up having to trim a bit of the base off the darn thing.  IMG_3176 IMG_3177 IMG_3178 IMG_3219

But we managed and now the big old thing is working out great!  Maggie is going to build a little bench to the side so you can sit and put your boots and shoes on.  And we need to get some hangers for inside of it.  With no closets in the house, we don’t have any hangers to spare!  Honestly, we really don’t have too many hangers at all!


A pretty darn cool thing if you ask me!

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