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Read these two books over the holiday season and they were really good to give me a little jump start on my new year’s organizing!  I’m also following this online course called One Year to Clear…  and it’s really been making me think about clutter, stuff and my life!  I’ll find the link and post it below if anyone is interested.  I really am enjoying it.

I can’t really find the time to do the total Kon Mari technique of taking EVERYTHING you own and putting it in a pile and sorting it and all, but I like a lot of her ideas and techniques, so I did work on my office and I think it’s been a good thing!   I had the space kind of nice, but I find that it still collects a lot of clutter.  So I spent a weekend and really went through my boxes and bins and just really got it nice and tidy.  I feel I will probably have to do this once or twice a year because it is a working space and I’m here a lot…  it just clutters up by default!  But I do love to see it nice and organized, so hopefully, that vision will stay in my head and I will do what I can to keep it this way!


IMG_2598 IMG_2599

I did this nice piece of counter top at our local salvage place!  $21…  can’t beat that.  It gives me a TON more working space and I really love it.  I also got a pair of old school desks for my printer and such and those are really nice because I can stash paper and such underneath the printer!  Perfect!

IMG_2609 IMG_2666

I got a couple more boxes to finish out my shelf storage system…  IMG_2668

And picked up this cute mug while I was there!   Bad Sherri…  haha…  well, it was JUST a mug,  and just a buck.  I needed it for my re-do!  IMG_2670

I find the biggest thing that seems to helps is having a place for everything.  I am so bad at having things hither and yon….  so I am watching for things that seem to really do that.  Like my little washi tape collection!  I got a little tidy box just for those.  And the extras, I gave to a friend!  Yah!  Win win…  IMG_2673

Well, it looks nicer.  Still full, but it’s really been narrowed down and it’s all things I use or want to keep.  I did get rid of two trash bags of papers!   One of the things that will really help, at some point, will be scanning some of the paper memorabilia that I have from all my years as a graphic artist.  Unfortunately, I love to keep samples of the things I have done.  And they do add up.  Since I’m not totally sure that there will be a Sherri Memorial Library anytime soon, I think I want to come up with some way to keep the best, scan the rest…  But that is another day!

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