There’s a Room Back There!!!


For the last five years, we have had a room that no one used.   We called it the spare room and really it was just a junk archive of things we were just not sure what to do with!  Honestly, it was totally full and just a total mess. So slowly, over the last month, we have been taking things out, selling things, giving a mess away and a large amount just hit the trash!  It’s amazing the amount of things that you can accumulate when you have a whole room to just stash it in.

The girls are really got designs on this room.  They want to make a game room!   They love to play video games and watch movies and have gotten quite a collection.   So they were serious about getting it ready before their cousin visits in a few weeks.  The only problem is that it seems that all the good things ended up in the studio!  Hahaha….  At least it’s closer to being sorted and gone.

Once it was all empty in the spare room, our wonderful friends Jr. and Julia came over and helped us with a little problem.  Seems that a long time ago, two floor joists had cracked and gave way so the floor in the spare room was very saggy.  It is a 115 year old farm house, so these things do happen.   We knew this moving in but just had no real clue how to fix it.  Jr. used to work with weather proofing old houses in the county and he had a plan.   He was going to jack up the broken joists, and then splint the broken joist with heavy 2 x 6 beams bolted together to make a sort of support.  And then he was going to jam heavy 6 x 6 posts under the joists to give the whole floor stability.  He was right, it worked great!   The floor is lovely strong and stable now.  It’s on a crawl space and will probably last another 100 years now!


Ratchet and Toto were very worried about this work.   Can you tell?

Actually, they just snoozed through the whole thing.

Next thing is a good coat of nice lighter paint to brighten up the room and then a little underlayment and some remnant vinyl!   We have a flooring outlet that is just 6 miles down the road and has great deals on smaller room pieces.   We are going to put down a flooring that looks like wood floors.   We’d love to afford real wood flooring but that’s just going to have to wait until we win the lottery!  Actually the vinyl will wear great and look fantastic in that little spare… er…  game room!!!  Can’t wait till it’s all done.   We will keep you all in the loop!

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