Trip to King Lumber…


We learned about another nice lumber shop that is a bit closer to our house and we just had to make a trip over and check them out!  Just a little west of Wauseon!  (And the county fairgrounds!)  They offer all local and native species of wood, milled and processed right there in the shop!


Maggie was in heaven!  Lots and lots of beautiful lumber to pick from…


This area was her favorite, however…  a bunch of cut offs and discounted shorter pieces of beautiful wood.  Since she’s not building furniture or floors, she doesn’t need super nice long pieces.  She can work with 2 footers and less.  I think we spent about 2 hours just going through all the beautiful pieces!


We even talked about harvesting a black walnut tree on the homestead!  Now, wouldn’t that be something…  a beautiful black walnut loom made from actual Windhaven lumber!  It takes up to a year to dry the lumber once it is cut!  We will have to think about it…  it would be something neat to do at some point!


We also filled up the truck with slab wood to heat the shop!  You can’t go wrong with cheap hardwood slab wood.  It burns great and is easy to handle.  Especially for our two wood stoves.  They are not big stoves, so we can cut the slab wood to just the right size to fit our stoves nicely!


Since we were over that way and hungry, we decided to stop at one of our favorite places to eat…  Das Essen Haus!  Real good Amish buffet.  Oh my goodness.  You just HAVE to be hungry and ready to eat at this place.  We don’t go too often but when we do, you can count on the fact that you will not eat for the rest of the day and you better be ready for a nice nap!  It’s like Thanksgiving on demand!


Super yummy salads and soups…


Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean cassarole and all the fixings!  Delish!!!


And a plate of goodies for desert!  (Jessy and I shared this plate so we could get a little taste of everything!!!)  It was just so darn good and so reasonably priced…  Just a lovely little field trip!

We’ll be back!!!

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