The Metal Recycling Center


In the early fall, we cleaned out Maggie’s workshop and also collected metal trash and clutter from around the farm.  It is absolutely amazing to me how much clutter you can find on a couple acres of land!  Oh sure, some of it was ours, like the old BBQ grill that we got off Craigslist and turned out to be rusted out and didn’t work.  And other things we dragged home thinking they would be awesome for some project or another.  Thankfully, we have curtailed that behavior and are now very careful about what we bring home.


So we loaded up the truck with whatever we could find.  And buddy, we found a lot!  Unbelievable!   We are still cleaning out some old trash pits from the previous owners and such.  It was a whole heavy truck load.  Once done, we headed out to the recycling place.  dsc_0840 dsc_0841

I could not believe all the stuff that was there.  Oh my gosh.  Just things and things and things.  Piles everywhere of sorted out things.  It was unbelievable.  And slightly overwhelming.

dsc_0847 dsc_0851 dsc_0855 dsc_0858 dsc_0860 dsc_0869

We added our truckload including this nasty blue table saw that wanted to kill us.  We had gotten it off Craigslist when we first moved out to the homestead and it served well, but it was rough to begin with and it got rougher.  Finally, the motor quit and it was time to leave.

In the end, we really thought it would not really amount to much.  Metal prices have been pretty low lately.  We all laughed and guessed $5 and $10 at the max.   Boy, we were surprised when we got a whole whopping $35!   I guess it does add up!  We split the windfall with all the helpers and got lunch!

And a cleaner homestead, for sure!


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