Bread Haul!


Once the weather turns chilly, we head to our local bakery outlet and stock up!  We went to the Aunt Millies outlet in Adrian Michigan and hit the jackpot.  They were just about to close and had quite a bit of livestock bread…  we got an entire truck bed load for $8.  Yep.  $8.

Now, we do not feed this as a complete feed for our animals.  The goats and sheep get it as a treat.  Each herd will share a loaf or two each day.  They love it.  The hogs get a bit more because it really does help to add a little weight to our mommas, who are recovering from weaning their late spring litters.  We like to follow the seasons and in the fall is harvest, where bounty fills out all our livestock in preparation for the cold and winter to come.  We can get some pretty harsh conditions here in Northern Ohio and we like our animals to go into that cold time with a little layer of chub!  So we feed bread, pumpkins, apples, extra grain and lots of yummy orchard grass and hay.  And they get to graze as long as we have grass.  The ponies and the goats are putting on their fuzzy long hair coats and getting ready.  We’ve already had a few nights with light frost…  winter is coming.  And a big stash of stale bagels and wheat bread and rolls will help ward off the cold!

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