Boxes! Boxes!


It’s easy to think that maybe I have given up on blogging!

I can’t believe that I let a week or more go by without writing a post!  My apologies!

It’s just that for the last year, really the last 9 months or so, Miss Maggie’s fiber tool and loom business has just really taken off!  It’s been an amazing blessing for us, especially after a couple hard hard years.  But it also has been a lot of new learning curves, daily routines and new business skills.


I have to laugh… my girls both have successful home businesses in mail order and one sells ROCKS and the other HEAVY BIG WOOD THINGS!  haha…  What’s next?  Cement statues?  Me, I’m smart.  I started a planner sticker company a few months ago.  Teeny little sheets of stickers in cute little cardboard mailers!  EASY!!!  I’m thinking ahead to when I am nice and old…  I can make my little stack of orders and easily take them to the mailbox!  Easy peasy!


Victor Kitty thinks we really should just nap in the sunshine… ya know?


Well, it’s all good and it’s fun to load up the truck with a bunch of new looms going out all over the country to inkle and card weavers all over the place!  And it’s fun that we are helping to keep our little rural post office open!  It’s pretty much us and another fellow who sells knives online that keep that place open!  I hear they were planning to close it, but now, nope!  Yah!   Since it’s only about a half mile down the road from us, we really love that.  No waiting in lines, easy peasy!


We get to drop our boxes off at the back door.  Every day by 3 PM, we rush over with the last package or two finished for the day.  Because the big truck comes around 3:30 to pick up the mail for the day and that is that until the next day.  So we always want to make sure our packages hit the big truck and get taken on to the next big stop, which is apparently Romulus, Michigan!  (I would have thought it was Toledo, but no, all our packages seem to get scanned next in Romulus…)  DSC_0319


Haha, Hi Mail Lady!!!  :-)  She is so sweet…  she puts up with us and all our rushed big boxes!  Scans and gets them ready for the truck lickedity split.  We would love to get to a point that we have everything ready sooner for her, but alas, we are not quite that organized, yet!  We keep trying to shoot for 2 pm…  thinking that will give us a little scoonch of breathing room, but it’s usually 3 and sometimes 3:15 before we rush down.  I hope she doesn’t mind…  :-)


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