Kitty Order from Amazon!

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Oh boy!  Our kitty order from Amazon arrived!

Naa….  Lilly is just checking out the HUGE box that they sent with toliet paper and a couple jars of gummy vitamins.  Kind of overkill, just a little bit, eh?

Kidding aside, we LOVE Amazon Prime.  If you haven’t heard of such a thing, you really should check it out.  For a flat annual fee, you get free shipping and nearly anything you want to buy from them.  And it’s usually two day delivery!  It’s wonderful if you live in the boondocks.

For us, we have a couple choices when we need something.  There is a Dollar Store that is a 12 mile round trip.  And they are a good go-to place when you need something basic, now.  A real supermarket is a 30 mile round trip.  And anything big box is about 70 miles, round trip.

And not to mention a couple hours out of your day.  And since you are in town, you tend to get lunch and oh, stop here and there is that little place and well, might as well…  you get the picture. Always seems to cost a lot more than I pictured, to go to town.

Well, with Amazon, you can shop around, find a good price, order it and get back to work.  Or just loafing around, crafting, making, etc.  No wear and tear on your truck, no gas, no wasted time, no overspending.  Just toliet paper and shampoo at your doorstep in a couple days.  If you order right, we’ve even gotten our order the very next day!

It takes a wee bit of planning, especially for things you use a lot, but we’ve gotten good at knowing when we should order.  And most things, you can wait a couple days for.  It’s a bit of a delayed gratification sort of thing, but it really works for us.  The key is to know your prices and then make sure you shop around on Amazon.  There are often more than one sellers that offer any said product.  So check them out, read the reviews and then purchase wisely.  There have only been a few times that we said, naa….  too much.  But when you factor in the gas and driving time, sometimes a wee bit more is still a good deal.

And since we run a mail order business as well, we love the big boxes and the free packing materials!  And the kitties love the really big boxes, those are the best.  We actually are using some of them to brood spring chicks!  This just keeps getting better and better!


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