Santa Brought Us a Truck!!!

DSC_0422It was a very good year for us…  we were able to actually get a farm truck!  Yahooo!

Meet our newest vehicle!  Tiffany!   She is a 1999 Ford F-150 extended bed, single cab pickup truck and we love her!

Maggie named her Tiffany…  And we think it fits.  She thought it would be funny to name a hard working big old farm truck a girly cute name.  So Tiffany it is.

She’s in super great shape, had our eye on her for months over at Jerry’s.  Been saving, and then some Christmas money (thanks Dad!)  and some sales of extra weaving stuff, and some t-shirt sales money (thanks Kathy) and just a lot of clipping corners made it happen!   We are sooooo happy!


We loved Scotty, our old Pontiac Transport van, but he was old and a gift horse…  he was having some issues and we suspected transmission.  Way too expensive for a 23 year old van that no one really likes to drive.  (Have you ever driven a Transport van?  They are SO weird…  they have that huge front end and big big windshield.  Feels like you are driving either a spaceship or a dust buster!)  And he was having other issues…  just age!

He was a life saver for sure, but to be honest, we just needed a truck.


We have resisted for years…  well, just wasn’t the right time and the right budget.  And we have made our way with a pair of old vans and a great old station wagon, but farm life took their toll on those beasts.  It was just hard work, hauling livestock and feed and hay…  wood, dirt and gravel.  We did it, but Tiffany is going to make those chores FUN!


She’s in super good shape.  A little rust here and there, but just in excellent shape engine and mechanics wise.  Jerry and his gang really went over her and are ready in case we discover any little issues.  So far, nothing!  We love her!  Drives awesome…  a V6 so she’s a little kinder on gas.  Actually very comfortable to drive long distances!  I see some most excellent road trips for fun Craigslist stuff in the near future!


Love the bed liner…  that is going to be very helpful with the various  things we fetch.


Her first farm run was to get a load of hay.  The feed store guys were so happy!  I got a complete lesson in stacking hay on a F150 from Paul.  He thinks we can easily get 20 bales, maybe even 30 with a tie rope.  If we could only afford 30 bales at one time!   Well, it’s all good…  our gang goes through a bale a day…  so eight if perfect..  one a day and an extra for the week.  And we got a free Christmas tree!  How nice of them!


Eight bales fit without any ropes or anything.  It was so easy to just whop those babies in there and go!   We could get eight in the van, but it was a lot of pushing and shoving and made the inside such a mess.


Angus approves!  He wants to go for a ride!!!  Probably in the spring we will make some sides for Tiffany and maybe even a livestock cage out of cattle panels.  That would be cool.  Easier to transport pigs and such that way.  We have enough livestock for the most part, but I really like the idea that we can actually take an animal to the vet easily or trade critters, even drive someone to freezer camp in style and ease.  That makes a huge difference to us.


And with Maggie’s blossoming wood working business, Tiffany really served us well on a major wood run to Toledo!   She hauled it all in style and ease.  More than we could ever get in little Pewter!   (But don’t underestimate Pewter, she is a heck of a wonderful sedan and can haul two bales of hay or 150 pounds of feed easily!   We love our Fords!)

Maggie gets these big bags of wood scraps from the wood working store for just $3 a bag! They are so perfect for her wood stove… small and easy to throw in and warm the place up for a few hours.  A big log lasts too long sometimes.  And the best part is that she often finds very usable bits and pieces for her products in there, so they work out to be free really!  Just one little piece will pay for the whole bag.  I think she likes them for the treasure hunt aspect, alone.

IMG_1896 IMG_1551

Lots of good wood that she bought for real projects and such.  Beautiful stuff!


Just so happy to finally have a truck!  I think we have our perfect ensemble of vehicles, now.  We have the lovely Pewter… 2003 Ford Taurus sedan, the perfect long distance, go-to-town, travel about cheaply and comfortably gal…  and now Tiffany, our farm truck for the big projects, yet ready for a comfortable long haul for a great deal!  Perfect combination!!!

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