Fall Party Reunion…

Such a treat!  Several of my old high school and early college friends came down to the farm for a lovely fall visit!   It was sure chilly but we really enjoyed the day.  Visiting with the animals, doing a few fun chores, having a nice big lunch and then bonfire and smores and such later on!

We got new straw out for the animals to help keep them nice and warm in this cold snap!  And we picked up ten gallons worth of English walnuts!  Everyone even helped to put some netting up over the chicken run!  It was so awesome…  we love when people don’t mind lending a hand!  (And we never do yucky nasty chores when friends ask to help, just the fun ones!!)

Everyone got a nice time to chat and visit, in fact a couple I haven’t seen in 30 years!!!!   Can you believe that?  Wow…  just wonderful.  We have all reconnected on Facebook and that is what Facebook is good for.  I hope we won’t wait another 30 years to get together again!  I don’t think so…  I know several want to come back in the spring for lambing season!  Sounds like a tradition in the making!


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