Garden Party…

As the seasons turn to fall, its time to let the clean up crew into the garden to tidy up for winter.  This year, they have to be supervised, however, because we still have pumpkins growing on the vine as well as our delicate little fruit bushes, grapes and raspberries.  So I decided to take Evee, our Australian Shepherd, in with me for a little garden party.

For the most part, the critters behaved.  Until they caught wind of the pumpkins!  The goats were the naughty ones, of course.  Evee did a VERY good job of protecting the gourds!  Once she realized they were important, she really stepped up to the plate.  In the end, one of them was broken into and so I gave it to the hogs as a treat.  (I wasn’t about to reward those that damaged it!)

I also harvested all the big sunflower heads to dry and store for the winter, for the chickens.   Something for them to do to prevent boredom.  Picking at the heads, one or two at a time, will give them an activity as well as some extra protein to help keep the cold at bay.

Speaking of cold…  whooeee!   Chores this morning were VERY brisk.  I was thinking that gloves might have been in order, my hands got very cold.  Being the first of October, I guess we are heading into that time now.  Cold!!!   Jess helped me remove the air conditioner from my bedroom window…  the night before, it felt like I had left the window open with all the cold air coming in the vents.  Now it’s nice and tidy in there, so I’m not as worried.

I’m really looking forward to the winter this year.  With all the insulation work that was done last year and our new furnace, we should have the first cozy winter ever here at the ranch.  I like the winter, when you can come in from the cold and have a warm place to craft and write and just be away from the cold.   But the last four years have been difficult and miserable with our various heating issues.  Here’s to year five being finally under control!!!

Stay tuned for more posts…  promise to be a little more active.  Sometimes, I’m just not sure what to write about, and then life gets in the way!   But I miss writing and I figure if I’m boring you, you will just not read.

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