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Maggie has saved up enough to get a new saw!  It’s a Rockwell Blade Runner X2…  It’s like a stationary jig saw, really, for finer work and easier size to manage.  She has been using a big table saw that we bought a few years ago and the blade is old and we can’t get it off the thing.  (It’s rusted on tight!)  And it bucks and takes a lot of material out…  it’s not very nice.  She needed something much smaller, more precise and just safer all the way around.DSC_0015

She searched online, read reviews, talked to wood workers and this one just kept coming up as a very nice, reasonable cost, portable, easy to use saw.  So we ordered one from Amazon and it arrived!  And very safely packaged, in ah, three boxes!

More for the garden mulching plans!  Yah!

DSC_0017 DSC_0018

As her mom and chief Emergency Room driver, I am much happier to see her using this one.  She has no need to be hacking up 2 x 4s and such, but rather more delicate and smaller items as well as her exotic woods and such she uses for shuttles and other fiber tools.  Sure, I know that any wood working saw can hurt you, certainly, but this one just looks a WHOLE lot nicer than the big 7 inch whirling jagged blade saw she was using.   I like this one is more like a scroll saw, which she is very proficient with.  And it has a lot of ways to use guides and tilts and all sorts of cool things.  I think she will love it!  (And the blades are many and inexpensive.  Easy to change!)

DSC_0020 swordfishshuttle

She’s working on some new prototypes for her Etsy shop, including this way neat swordfish shuttle!  (That’s what we are calling it!)  It’s a nice lightweight sword shuttle for tapestry or rigid heddle weaving.  It’s super cool!  Can’t wait to see all the new things that the X2 will help with!  Yeah!

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