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I’m so happy to report that all our hogs are now registered in our farm name and up to date!  Even our spring litters!  Oh, what a crazy little pathway!  If you’ve never dealt with registered animals, whether it be dogs, cats, horses or other livestock, it can be a little bit of a challenge.  Stuff happens!  Like when you loose your transfer certificate from a buyer and just KNOW you put it somewhere safe and it takes you several months to find the darn thing!  (Ebony)  And when you buy a hog from someone and they say it’s registered, but then you find out they haven’t transfered it and you have to do some investigating and lots of emails and calls to get it all straightened out and finally transferred!  (Onyx)  Or you just run out of money because every animal takes $10 to $20 to finalize all the transfer paperwork and litter registration forms and all that jazz…  (Cheyenne)

Some buyers of your hogs are not interested in the registration process.  They are buying for meat or just really don’t care about registration.  That’s fine.  I totally understand.  It’s a little bit of a challenge to keep it all straight.   We don’t do this for our sheep because we just have a mixed bag of various animals.  We have a couple sheep and goats that are actually registered, but most are not.  That’s fine, because sheep are not endangered, at least not Shetlands and such, and we are mostly interested in fiber not showing or that sort of thing.

With the American Guinea Hogs, we are helping to reestablish an endangered breed and support of the national organization as well as the registration and tracking of animals is important.  I feel it is, because you want to improve the breed and help to preserve it.  Making sure that your breeding animals are not too inbred brings new genetic dynamics into play and keeps the breed healthy.  It’s why we drove to Kentucky to pick up a Minnesota bred boar!  And it’s why I’ve driving tomorrow half a state away to deliver one of our boar piglets to a new hog family from near Pennsylvania.  We conferred, shared pedigrees and determined that our piglet would do well with their young gilts!  It’s a good thing!

Well, just happy to report that ALL the paperwork is done!  Until our fall litters, everything is finally up to date, recorded, transfered and registered!

And we still have five piglets left from our two spring litters!  They are going fast!  Two males and three females.

Contact me at: if you are interested…  Very reasonably priced.  $150 gilts, $125 shoats…  They are almost 10 weeks old now.


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