Enough with the Rain!


Saturday, we were hit with a day long rain storm of significant amounts of rain!   Our area got over five inches of rain in just under 10 hours!  And since we’ve had two weeks of excessive rain, this was just the thing to put up over the flood point.

Last year, our wonderful farmer neighbor had done extensive work to his fields near our property and that helped up considerably.  However, this was just too much rain.  So we started to flood in the afternoon.  First it was the low laying areas, like the western middle yard and this front pasture.  Thankfully, no one is up there, so it was fine.


The hogs were in heaven… out in their new yard, digging it up and hunting for nice big earthworms that were escaping the water soaked ground!   It was kind of funny to watch them…  very happy piggies!

But everyone else was huddled together in the teeny sheep shack because their big barn had begun to flood.  Since we removed all the bedding pack in there, it’s low enough that it just became a big soupy sloppy mess and then was underwater.  DSC_0806 DSC_0810

The eastern side of the middle yard was pretty badly flooded.  The chicken live in that building but they are about three feet up on these concrete tables.  The floor of the building flooded but they were safe and dry.  Of course, going outside was a bit of a problem for them…  swim floaties, anyone?

DSC_0811 DSC_0818

At one point we thought it was going to crest the road out front, but it finally stopped.  Thank goodness!   However, many small towns and roads in our county were closed and under a lot of water!   We are about five miles from the St. Joseph river and it’s a pretty big flooder when we get this kind of rain!  And buddy, it’s wide now.  Our local dollar store was flooded out!  Oh no!!!  DSC_0819

At one point our basement flooded…  the sump pump got clogged up from the yucky water.  Jessy waded in it all and got it cleaned out and running good again.  Thank goodness!   We sure don’t need 2 feet of water down there.  Especially with our new furnace!   They did put it up on blocks because that space often floods a few inches, but we have about 18 inches until it starts to flood the furnace!

We went to sleep with the sound of the sump pump running pretty much nonstop!  By morning it was coming on every 2 to 3 minutes, so that was something.   Now, it’s running about every five minutes.  It is just sooooo wet out there!  And we have more rain coming on Monday, Wednesday and through the week!   It’s just too much!   A break would be nice!


So we decided the best thing to do on a rainy day is to get our looms up and warped…  Jessy got little Ikea all warped with some beautiful long yarns to make some lovely fashion scarves.   I got the rug loom ready to go again.  Going to get some nice two footers done…  two foot wide, that is!

The waters are starting to receed and I hope we don’t get too much more rain…  not sure if we can handle it!   We are getting very saturated, that is for sure!  I think I’m going to get webbed feet soon!!!


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