Naked sheepies…


Buttercup photo bomb…   crazy goat.   She looks huge now that everyone is sheared.  She was walking around and intimidating everyone for the most part, head butting and pretty much telling all the naked little sheep that she was the queen of the herd.  And they pretty much let her.


Everyone is enjoying a good rub and itch…  They look so little!  It’s always kind of weird to see them sheared and skinny.   It’s nice to be able to see some baby bumps already.


We didn’t shear Bonnie because her wool was really short and she was very skittish and afraid of the whole situation.  We don’t want anything to happen to her precious cargo.   She will probably get sheared later this year by a friend.   After she has her babies and is safer to shear in a quiet environment.  Or we just might wait till next year and shear her every other year.   She is clearly not a longwool sheep, her wool is short and tight to her body, almost like a Suffolk mix or something.


Yes, that is a rooster walking by.  My sheep are kinda dinky.  Really, they are much smaller than most people realize.   I like small sheep, they are very easy to handle and feed and all.

IMG_3843Buttercup surveying the left over mess from shearing!   We leave the yucky bits in the yard for awhile.  It’s fun to watch all the little songbirds come and harvest soft Windhaven wool for their nests!   I love that.  Eventually it will get kinda yucky and I rake it all up and put it into a garden bed!  It works great to help hold in water, especially in like a raised bed or a big pot!   Always reusing and recycling!  Nothing goes to waste if we can help it.

Thank goodness the weather has turned and is well above freezing even at night.  We have been seeing temperatures as high as 67 degrees!  I thought it was funny today…  everyone was out in the paddock, lounging and walking around, eating hay when all the sudden they turned and started running for the barn.   I happened to be making lunch at the kitchen window and I was surprised…  but then I realized it was raining.  It made me laugh!   When they have their heavy coats on, they don’t seem to mind the rain or snow.  But right now?  They acted like lava was raining down on them!   Off they ran!  Silly sheep.


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