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About 7 or 8 years ago, I happened upon a book that really made a huge impression on me.  Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles”.   Jack went and created this book, by talking with and interviewing successful people in all walks of life, and just narrowed it all down to 64 principles that they all seemed to have.  In one way or another.  It’s a fascinating and wonderfully positive book.   It really shaped a lot of my thinking after I went through a dreadful divorce and foreclosure, loss of my home and all that.

Well, at one point or another, I had stumbled onto his website and spent some time.  Loved it.  And then he sent out a little note there, asking for people to let him know, how the book affected them.  And it sure did help me, so I wrote in and sent him a little testimonial.

Well, fast forward to 2014, late in the year or so.   I get an email from his assistant…  they want to print my blurb in their 10th anniversary revision of the book!!!!  OMG!!!   I couldn’t believe it.  Of course, I said yes, and they said, well, it’s not 100% sure, but that Jack loved my quote and was planning to use it.  And that for my help, I would get a book when it was published in February.



Well, it came in the mail on Friday and golly, was I excited!   And the very best part???   He personally signed it and thanked me for my participation in the book!!!!    Oh my gosh…  talk about inspiring me.  I was on cloud nine for the whole day.  Until, of course, I could not find my blurb.   And alas, it seems that I was bumped!!!   Waaa!   I’m starting to reread the book and it’s wonderful, but it’s over 500 pages, so might take me a little bit.   I wasn’t in the section that I would have expected, but well, that’s okay.  I wrote an email to the assistant, and thanked her of course, and just asked if she knew if my contribution made it..  but I’m sure she is busy and well, maybe I will hear from her eventually.

Regardless, it was such an honor to even be considered and the book in the mail just delighted me.  That he took the time to thank me and my thing maybe DIDN’T make it, is even more impressive, how nice!   And I am starting to read it again, a chapter at a day…  I want to reabsorb the message of encouragement that is so strong with this book!  It’s going to be a wonderful 64 days!!!!


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  1. Thanks! Sorry to be a little absent… just one of those weeks! All is fine, just busy. I am so looking forward to the spring! We are trying hard to get our slate of everyday things done so that when the nice weather finally gets here, we can spend a lot of time outside!!!