Our Christmas Sink…


This is our old sink.  As you can see, it was dreadful.  We cleaned it and cleaned it, but it would be nasty in an instant.  It was scarred and cut up and just stained and YUCK.  The faucet was drippy and kinda nasty as well.  I scoured this thing so much, I’m surprised I didn’t polish up a new surface!

And underneath!  Yikes!   We had replaced the guts no less than three times and had duct taped and glued and sealed the mess more…  it was just a disaster waiting to happen.  We had a bucket underneath all the time.  It was needed.  There were so many other priorities that the sink was just tolerated and would try to get up to the top, but something always seemed to trump it.



Well, this year, we decided it was time.  And with a gracious gift from my father for Christmas…  we finally got the sink!  The sink we wanted, I should say!   Part of the reason we hadn’t replaced it was that we really wanted a single basin sink and they are a little more expensive then the traditional double basin sinks.   But we knew, we really wanted a single.  Nice and deep, big and stainless steel so it would last forever.  With a nice tall faucet for fill up 5 gallon pails and canning pots and washing pets!  Yes, we needed a farm sink!   And we couldn’t have made it happen without a little help from Grandpa!!   Yeah!!!   DSC_0836

We bought the sink around New Years, but unfortunately, we did not feel comfortable installing it ourselves.   We were going to wait and see if we should hire a plumber when our friend Justin said he could do it!  Oh boy!!!   So he and his friend, Tim, came over one evening just a week or so ago and we got started.   Learning how to install a kitchen sink!

The old one came out fairly easily.  It was a little tricky but with a bit of elbow grease, that bad boy is OUTTA THERE!!!    It’s going out back to be sunk into a box of concrete to make a heavy duty hog waterer!  (Later in the spring…) I was never so happy to see a thing leave the house!!!


Oh, doesn’t our new sink look so beautiful????  All pretty and shiny and deep and lovely.  We are in absolute love!  Yes, with a sink.


Goodbye yucky plumbing and duct tape!!!   Another reason we wanted a single basin sink is that our old house is a little wonky and for some reason, a double drain was always failing.  It was like it wasn’t quite level underneath or something was wrong and causing them to fail.  A single will go straight down into the drain without all the turns and such.  And so far?  Not a single issue with the new drain underneath!!!

DSC_0839 DSC_0840

At one point Justin had to sit on the sink because our counter top is a little wonky!  Good thing he is just a skinny thing!  It was just enough pressure so Tim could get these little tighten down clamps on it nice and tight.  They used a good silicone sealant as well to set the sink.


It really didn’t take too long!   About an hour or so.  Most was just fiddling around to make all the underneath stuff work right.  They corrected a weird issue underneath that might have been the main reason for the failures!  There was a side pipe that might have been for an old dishwasher or something and it was not capped, so the water would gather in the trap funny.   It was probably creating the wrong sort of pressure and making the whole system incorrect!   But, the good thing is that they fixed that too and we are so happy!


The girls picked out the faucet set and I love the sort of brushed nickel look!  So classy and modern looking.  And the faucet head swivels so you can really get a big pot in there so easily!  It’s so clean and beautiful, oh my gosh.   We feel like dishwashing queens!  And the sprayer works!   And the water pressure is SO much stronger with this new faucet.  Justin thinks the old set was just so corroded and worn, it wasn’t working well.  I just can’t tell you how nice it is now to wash dishes and work in this sink.  We love our Christmas sink!!!  Just slowly and patiently, we are working to fix and update this old house as we can.  It’s a challenge some days, but when something so lovely comes together, like this sink replacement, it just means the world to us!   And to have such wonderful family and friends to help out, that really makes our day.

This is the last of our big projects in the house for this winter!   We have a wee bit of trim and the bathroom walls to still paint, but those are pretty low key situations.    Still sort of waiting and debating about the living room floor.  Sometimes I find when you are not sure about a direction to take, the best answer is to just wait a bit and think about it.  We’ve gone 4 years with yucky floor in there, another couple weeks or even a month is not going to kill us.  All in due time.  Our budget for remodeling is pretty much done for, so anything we do is going to be through saving and careful treasure hunting!   Or doing it ourselves!   Which we love to do, so I wouldn’t put it past us!

Still, just can’t get over how much of a change the sink replacement is!   I actually have been enjoying doing dishes for the last couple weeks!  It’s so nice and FUN…  I’m pretty sure the novelty will wear off eventually, but for now?  We are thrilled!  And it’s staying so nice and pretty.  I think this was a perfect choice for our homestead life.


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