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We had to go to town and we wanted to stop in at the hardware store and get the paint for our bathroom!  We had gotten a couple rebates from past purchases at Menards and had a good feeling that we could probably get our paint for free!  And we did!  In fact, our whole order was only 34 cents!   Saving up those little rebates and sending them in does pay off.  Takes a bit of work and a few stamps but we did pretty good, if you ask me!

The bathroom color is the light brown chip…  it’s called Shiitaki Mushroom!   I like it.  We wanted something a little more brown than the living room but still not too dark.   Something that will look really nice with white fixtures and trim and then with our greenish patterned cloth for the curtains and shower curtain!   I think it will look lovely.   And we got a great deal on the paint, normally $23 and it was on sale for only $16!    Nice!

While we were waiting, I always check out the mistints and such…  and we found this lovely lovely deep plum gallon of paint for $5.  Now I’m pretty sure I don’t have anything inside to paint with it, but it’s a super premium gallon of primer plus that should have been nearly $40 and will be a good tough paint for barn doors!!!   I love purples and plums, so it will be lovely outside!!!  Score!!!

If your hardware doesn’t have a spot for mistints…  ASK!   You will be amazed at the savings…  we have used a TON of mistinted paint through out the farm.  Heck, often or not, the colors are nice modern colors and if you are not picky, you will find some very nice paint for next to nuthing!  I always check…  And always save!

Maggie got a little stock wood for some shuttles and other projects she is working on and Jess got a candy bar.   (She has her priorities in place, I think…)   And with our rebate checks, we left paying only 34 cents!!!    I love that!    Hoping to paint the bathroom in the next couple days.  Just trying to keep at some of the inside plans and projects before the weather gets nice and we can start spending lots of time outside!!!   I just can’t wait.   I think we have another 6 weeks or so, but then, we should start having some pretty nice days.   So far, this winter has been easy peasy for us!  Not like last year and it’s awful end…  80+ inches of snow!   Super cold temps….  we have only had one little span of a couple cold days and there is less than an inch on the ground of that white stuff!  And we are looking February in the eye, just around the corner!   Spring is in sight!!!   Can’t wait!   But in the meanwhile, we are going to stay focused on our plans inside!   Been doing some serious decluttering, organizing and simplifying as well!

But that’s another post…

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