Finally Weaving Again…


What a wonderful day…   I finally got the gumption to get old Rosie warped up and started again.   I wove for awhile without any pain or discomfort.   Yeah!   I so missed using my big old Union loom but it was just a little daunting after my medical adventures…  Today is week seven after the final surgery and I am feeling fantastic.  They are still messing with my blood thinner and I have to take a mess of blood tests until they get the balance right.  But other than that…  everything else is just fantastic.

I can’t wait to really get into more crafts and weaving for the new year.   It’s a personal goal of mine, just to spend a lot more time creating…   making art and good things for people to enjoy and love.  I love doing the inkle band weaving for sure, but nothing beats getting the big antique loom going!   It just feeds my soul with something that has been missing awhile…

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