Rough Time…


If you have been following my blog for any length of time, then you might have noticed that I’ve been having a bit of a rough time lately.  After years of being pretty healthy and fine, I decided to self implode the last two months!   At least it sure felt like it.  I don’t want to go into great details but let’s just say that in the last two months…  I have been hospitalized for 17 days…  at four blood transfusions equaling 13 pints of blood and plasma…  had life threatening blood clots in my lungs and legs…  two surgeries, including a complete hysterectomy last week…  5 ER visits, 3 ambulance rides, 17 perscriptions (thank goodness down to just 4 now)  and to top it all off, just a crazy amount of worry, bad insurance and other family issues!   It’s enough to just keep a good gal down, let me tell you!  

But I have gotten through it and so much of it was due to that lovely lady up above with me…  My doctor…  she has been such a strong and wise person for me, just the best care I’ve ever gotten from a doctor…  she cared, she took her time with me, she was sweet and laughed at my funny jokes and was serious and just helped us through this whole ordeal.   I can’t thank her enough!!!!  

So, last week, I finally had an emergency hysterectomy and I have to say, everything is finally calming down and relaxing.  I had a huge fibroid tumor removed, almost the size of a full grown cantaloupe!   Can you imagine???   Surgery that was supposed to be about an hour, took five and my gosh, it was scary and just an ordeal.   I can’t believe how wonderful I am feeling now, a week later.  My anemia is finally resolving and I’m feeling so much better.   There are some issues to push through and a few restrictions like heavy lifting for a few more weeks but I think I was pretty much in very bad shape before and now I just feel like a new woman!   Amazing…  

Been reading and weaving on the inkle loom…  can’t quite work the big loom right now, a bit too much body twisting and such.  Maybe next week!   But the little inkle lap loom has been perfect for sitting in my comfy chair and all.   I’ve really gotten my chops down and enjoy the end projects!  Of course, I’d love a little bigger loom and Maggie says she will build me one!  Yeah!



So sorry for the lack of posts but it’s been quite a wild ride!!!   I hope be able to get past all this and start to return to the calm and contented life that was ours before all this!   I have lots of nice projects to plan for the spring and a few winter inside plans for things we hope we can get to.  Want to do some writing and organizing and hopefully lots of hand crafts and weaving!   All the animals are doing fine, growing their very wooly coats and getting used to this colder fall weather!   We hit around the mid 20’s last night and the night before and my goodness…  I was not ready for that!  Milking Buttercup was sooooo chilly!!   OH MY!   But that is winter in Northern Ohio!

I missed you all and I hope all is well with all our readers.   Suffice it to say, I sure hope my medical adventure is FINALLY finished for a few years!   This has been one rough and wild ride!!!   I think another week and I’m going to really be feeling good and then, watch out!!!   Thanks for hanging in and putting up with me!


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