It’s Apple Time!


Last week or so, we stopped by a friends and picked up some fallen apples from their six huge old trees.  ABout 4 or 5 buckets full!   And it was so fun to call everyone to the fence and see their excitement.  The older sheep and goats knew what this meant…  the young ones were just all excited for no good reason.   When all three food ladies are lining up buckets, it has to mean something good is going to happen!


Angus, my sweetheart, is begging for a few more apples, please?  After all, he’s wasting away!   Apples will make him happy and fat!   He needs more fat for the winter!!!

IMG_3507 IMG_3508

We threw about two buckets out and around for everyone…  didn’t want them to get belly aches right away!   Everyone got at least a couple yummy, mushy apples!  Haha….  they were happy little hoofies for sure!


We brought a big handful out to Harley and the ram boys!   He was very excited to see apples!   We will get some more from our favorite orchard as well, as they start harvesting them, they sell the ones that fall on the ground as livestock apples for dirt cheap!   We go and pick up bushels for about $5 a bushel or less.  This year is not so great for apples, however…  hopefully we will be able to get a bunch more.   They are really good at given everyone a little fat for the winter!


Ebony and Cheyenne were VERY happy to get the lion’s share of the haul!  Pigs are not as sensitive as the sheep and goats are to food changes.  So they got to share a whole bucket!   Talk about some happy hogs!

IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3526

Harley enjoying a little late afternoon chin rub with a belly full of yummy apples.   I do believe he will sleep well tonight.  He’s such a sweet sheep, I love him so much!


Blackjack is sure getting big!   It’s all that yummy mommy milk!   He can really knock it back, doesn’t take him more than a 30 seconds to drain 20 ounces of dinner!   He and Dreamy are doing so well together.  It’s so cute!  


Awww….  cute little milk mustache!  



Buttercup is learning how to take good goat selfies.  



Duke and Luna are not very excited about apple time.   They want to know when it is tuna season.  

I mean, honestly…   shouldn’t tuna season be soon?  Or maybe mousie season!   

No, wait, it’s ALWAYS mousie season when Luna is around.   She sure does keep the population down.   I actually saw her catch a little mouse that was in the chicken coop!   The chickens were all very calm about Luna being INSIDE the coop.  And she caught the little dude quite efficiently, and then hopped out and brought it back for a snack.  

I guess the chickens don’t mind because the mice steal their feed!  Although, I have seen a chicken catch a mouse before!   They are definitely opportunivores!  


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