Waiting on Princess Buttercup…


As you can tell…  our little milk doe Buttercup is expecting.  Yes, she’s a little late in the year but our planned tryst with our little stud Dreamweaver didn’t take and so the second buck, Howdy, was apparently more to her liking.   Of course, that means, waiting and waiting and waiting!

All the ewes are done and I’m still not sure if maybe our Angora doe Rana might be expecting Howdy’s little love child as well, since they were all in together with him during his brief stay at the Windhaven Love Camp this spring.

It should be soon.  Her udder is nicely filled in and her tail ligaments are sunken, she’s got poofy ah, privates…   and she’s a little restless, up and down and up and down.   But every day goes by and still no baby.

Our friend Sarah, the lady who bred her, says that this line of La Mancha goats are great milkers but slow to freshen.   Freshen in the dairy world means to give birth.  So I guess we just wait.   And wait…  and wait!


Common’ baby!   We are so ready to see you!   You’re going to be so cute!

Howdy’s babies have all been lots of beautiful colors this year!  Cream, white, brown and black!   Such a lovely palette of kids!  Our baby or babies will be half angora and half La Mancha!   Should be interesting.   Curly, hairy Lagoras!   At least that is what we are going to call them.

DSC_0968 DSC_0969

Well, you can’t say she’s not a happy girl…   She is a very very happy goatie girl.  Waiting on her blessed occasion.   I know I’m excited waiting for this last baby of the year.   And the beginnings of our little home dairy!   We will be milking Buttercup for us and for her baby…   It’s called shared milking.   Basically the baby gets her all day long, but we get the first milking in the morning.  That way we don’t have the cost of milk replacer just so we can have goat milk.   We’re not huge milk fans but we do like cheeses and some milk for cooking and such.   So if we can get a portion and the baby can get a portion, I think we’ll be happy campers all the way around!  Should be interesting!



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    • Jax went back to his original owner and then was rehomed to a lady who trains horses and has always wanted to train a mule. She has no little critters and is aware of his past. She hopes to train and keep him as a forever fellow at her farm. I hope it works out for him.