127 Garage Sales!


Every year during the first week or so of August, United States of America has a multi-state garage sale!   It’s called the 127 sale and it goes from Michigan, all the way down to Georgia or Alabama…  not totally sure.   It’s four days of crazy sales all up and down this rural highway.   And the best part?  It’s about a mile from our house!

We really look forward to it.  Some years we try and save up all summer so we have a few hundred dollars to really shop for great bargains.  Some years, well, it’s about all we do to scrap up twenty bucks, but we just can’t not go.   At least to a few of them.   We always do so well!  And this year was not a flush year, but nonetheless, we were happy with our hunt and the prizes we found!


What’s really nice is that nearly everyone that has a sale is ready to wheel and deal!   I don’t think we got anything for the listed price.  Everything was a bit less or even half the cost!   That was fun.   We got some clothes, a pair of new shoes, several beautiful handwoven linens, books, a DVD, crafts and pottery!  And we only spent $23.   We packed a lunch, which was fun and headed out with some ice cold waters!


My stash was mostly linens, books and a craft thing or two.   I got a whole box full of a couple books, tools and strips to use for paper quilling!   I’ve always wanted to give that a try and it was only fifty cents!   I love that.   Got a really beautiful hand thrown pottery bowl for mixing up eggs or pancake batter… with a cute little whisk for $3!  And I got a bowling ball for fifty cents that I want to mosaic and put in my garden!  (darn you Pinterest for so many fun ideas!)


Maggie was very very happy… she got a cute new Bento family box!   She adores these lunch boxes from Japan and just can’t wait to make her lunch for work with this lovely red box she got for $1!   Add in a nice flannel shirt, a leather wallet from Mexico, an antique coin bank and a old tube radio and she is a happy girl!


Jessy was the careful shopper and she scored a new pair of fun shoes for $2, originally marked $49!  And a few cute tops and her prize for the day…  a Princess Jewel Riders DVD…   Yes, she and her sister and friends ADORED Princess Gwenivere and the Jewel Riders as little girls.  She is a happy camper.

It’s a fun day out with my girls, driving around, looking at all the fun things!   They saw those huge video game sales characters for sale but it was a bit out of our range!  Still, fun to see all the neat things out there.


I got three different sets of handwoven pieces from two different sales and to be honest, I think the same weaver made them!   Just little things, like how she sewed the edges and how she tucked her ends and such.   This one in particular is just stunning!   The colors are beautiful.  The seller said it came from an estate sale in town.   It’s a table runner, about 20 inches long.  Made from lovely soft yarn, almost like a pearl cotton.  The pattern is just amazing.   I’m not really sure how it was woven.  


The front is beautiful, but so is the back!  Just a really neat piece to add to my little collection of handwoven projects.   I’m starting a little library, just of things I find and buy, to try and examine for my own weaving and just to save from laying around in some old box.  These pieces took a lot of time to create!   They are beautiful.   I guess I need to start a little library collection of handwoven pieces of northwestern Ohio!   Sounds like a plan to me!  




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