My Lilacs are Blooming…


These beautiful little purple flowers bring me so much joy each and every time I pull into the driveway in the springtime.  I just adore lilacs.  And these four bushes are very special to me.   They came from our beloved Moby just four springtimes ago.

They were little nippers, just in a little black plastic gallon bucket and trying to get established.  Our old garage is very rough and especially unpleasant looking at the bottom of the sides.  It was flooded at one time and a lot of the boards are rotted and just weary and old.   Would love to replace them but it’s not quite in the budget right now.   So we planted our lovely lilacs in front to give us a little time and to also enjoy!


One hardy bush was planted on the right hand side, near the courtyard.  The other three were planted on the left side and around the corner a wee bit.   Because the pasture is fenced over to the garage, the sheep and goat boys have kept it pruned back a bit.   Still, they are doing fantastic!


As soon as they are all done blooming, I’m going to prune them back a bit, since they are actually getting a wee bit out of control!   I just love that.  If you could have seen how little and scrawny they were before…  just half off, late season rejects from the Lowes shop.   Just a little time and they are just really going to town.   It’s the only way to buy cheap landscaping material, if you ask me.   They always seem to rebound if you can give them a year or three!


I love lilacs, sunflowers and zinnias…  My favorite plants for sure.  I’m so happy they are finally getting their act together!    Now if I could only muster the strength and resources to get the courtyard beds all clean and tidy and growing what I want instead of what the weeds want!   Haha…  all in good time.  I need to find a few spare gardeners that will take pity on me and my gardener’s heart!


At least, I can bring in a few sprigs and admire them at my desk…  working and sniffing the beautiful scents of spring…


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