Once a Bottle Baby…

Always a bottle baby!

The fun thing about feeding babies is that you can tell the adults that where bottle fed…  they see those 20 ounce pop bottles come out and they will flock around you for a taste!   Buttercup and Rana and Rafeka, they all wanted some   Bridget, the sheep, she knew what it was for!   Of course Jelly Bean and Galadriel have figgered it out as well!   They are still on their moms, but we supplemented them a wee bit for about a week.   Just to give them a good head start because both of their mothers were not exactly the best as motherhood, right away.   They are finally getting the hang of it, so they are off the bottles!  Yeah!  But it’s funny to see all the gang give the bottles a whiff and a try!!

DSC08581 DSC08582 DSC08586 DSC08594 DSC08603 DSC08606 DSC08607 DSC08608

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