Shearing Day!

What a day!   Of course, there has to be a storm coming in because it’s not shearing time if there isn’t some sort of winter disturbance in the force!  We were waiting for Miss Emily Chamelin, a wonderful young woman who is a fantastic national shearer!  We were so fortunate to learn about her last year and get into her rotation.  She is just fabulous with the animals…  they just seem to know that Emily is here and there’s no need to panic.  Actually, it’s rather funny how they all just watch as she shears one by one.  And then as soon as that one is done and put back into the flock, they all gather around for a big snif fest and discuss the new do!   And of course, then a great amount of grooming, itching and rubbing begins!  It must feel great to be relieved of the big hairy, heavy, itchy coat!

We had 15 animals to shear…  our 10 and 5 from our friend Justin.   We shared the farm fee and then just had the per animal fee.   Worked out nicely.   Makes it easy for Emily as well, since she only has to set up once and get everyone done in less than an hour.

It’s just amazing to watch her work!  She is careful and smooth, and the animals don’t seem to be too worried at all.  In fact our only real cry baby was Beulah, a yearling ewe, our first baby born last year.  Beulah is a very vocal sheep, like her momma, Holly!  But even Beulah was done and shorn in less than 3 minutes.   It’s amazing!  I couldn’t probably even grab and hold a sheep in three minutes, let alone shear them!  We love to just watch.  I know that is a little weird but it’s a true art form and just so neat!

Of course, we took a little video and then afterwards we skirted up a handful of the fleeces right away.  If you don’t skirt them right away, it’s very easy to just sort of forget about them and wait and delay!   We decided to make a day of it and that was the very best way!  Now they are ready to be sent to the mill and to be made into beautiful roving for spinning!   Just can’t wait!!!

So enjoy these fun pictures!!!  And a couple videos that we took along the way!!!


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